RV Parks & Campgrounds Investing Course


Why Invest in RV Parks?

Low Consolidation

With only 18% of parks being owned by institutional investors, this asset class has substantially less competition than multi family, MHPs, and self storage.

High Returns

Because RV Parks operate more like a business than just a standalone property, there is enormous potential for additional revenue streams beyond just renting sites.

Insane Demand

Self identified campers grew by 3.9 million last year! With RV sales through the roof, RV Park demand is at an all time high and shows no sign of slowing down.

Jumpstart Your Journey

Our Promise

After completing this course, you will be armed with the knowledge and resources you need to buy and operate an RV Park right away!

This isn’t a course that will leave you guessing. If you are ready to take action and the only thing missing is knowledge, keep on reading! 

Inside the Course

Throughout the course there are over 100 detailed videos teaching you the ins and outs of RV Park Investing.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you will learn:

Experience the Industry

Course Testimony from a Real Estate Professional

Dylan is a principal of The Requity Group and manages investor communications, oversees acquisitions, and plays a very active role within TRG Living, The Requity Group’s in-house management company. With 6 years of real estate investing experience he has been the lead sponsor or JV’d on $80m in transactions.

How to Invest

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Who is this course for?

  • You are a real estate newbie looking to get started with RV Parks as your first investment just like Heather did!
  • You are looking to acquaint yourself with RV Park Investing
  • You are looking to seriously consider RV Park Investing
  • You are actively pursuing RV Park Deals.
  • You are currently an owner of an RV Park. 
  • You are a single family or multi family investor seeking higher returns. 
  • You are a self storage or mobile home park investor seeking higher returns. 
  • You are an institutional investor seeking portfolio diversification.

Do you have what it takes?

RV Park investing is wildly different from almost all other asset classes and it takes a certain type of investor to be able to succeed. 

Unlike other assets, RV Parks don’t necessarily trade based on cap rates because the valuation process for these deals is so much more complicated. 

The investors who succeed in this space must develop business acumen that far exceeds their peers. The reason for this is because any RV Park that you evaluate could end being a great deal if you know what to look for. 

Parks operate more like a business than your typical real estate investment so you need to dive into the weeds of a park's profit and loss statements to really understand what you’re buying and how the previous owner ran the park. By applying the knowledge you’ll learn in this course, you’ll be able to identify opportunities to drive value and returns at the park regardless of the advertised cap rate. 

Whether you introduce operational changes to reduce costs and drive efficiency, or you implement software systems that improve cashflow with dynamic pricing, or you invest in cashflowing amenities like golf carts or general stores - there are opportunities that exist at any park to dramatically increase the value immediately after purchasing it.

The knowledge you’ll take away in this course will serve as x-ray vision when you go on to evaluate RV Park opportunities. You’ll be able to see what other investors don’t see and create enormous returns for you and your family. 

We’ll show you what it takes to do this. Join us.

Get Started

See what other investors don’t see. 


Real estate investing has never been more popular. Newbie, experienced, and institutional investors are all crowding the market to drive prices up and make getting deals extremely challenging. 

Because RV Parks are owned by so few institutional players, it makes this asset class the least competitive.

Using the tools in this course, you’ll be able to beat out the few other investors pursuing parks in your area because you’ll be able to uncover the opportunities that they don’t see.

Hear from a Tourism & Hospitality Expert

Sally is a known as an expert in the Tourism industry and someone with specific expertise in Group tours, International Tourism as well as providing successful online Training Programs. She loves to help destinations and attractions take action to become successful in this challenging within the industry.


Your Investment

RV Park Course



100+ Videos

8+ hours of content

5+ industry experts modules


  • Real Documents and Files that Heather used

RV & Glamping Bundle



  • The RV Park and Campgrounds Course


Heather's NEW Glamping Course:

  • 2+ Hours of Content
  • 25+ modules
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  • Videos from Vendors and Industry Experts
  • An Investor’s Complete Glamping Blueprint

Meet Your Instructor:

Heather Blankenship


Heather Blankenship is an entrepreneur and fearless investor who is on a mission to help teach other investors what it takes to dominate the RV Park industry. Having been part of over $300M in RV Park and Mobile Home Park transactions as a broker and building her own $30M portfolio of RV Parks and other asset classes with no outside capital, Heather is a force to be reckoned with in the industry. 

In this 4 part course, Heather will take you through the comprehensive process of RV Park acquisitions and operations leaving no stone unturned on how to create financial freedom through investing in this asset class. Heather is supported in this course by industry experts who will fill in any gaps that exist so you leave the course with everything you need to be able to buy a park in the next 3 months.

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