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Everyone has heard the overnight success stories of people making millions on that lucky break. While those stories happen, they are certainly not the norm and not the way that investors should be trying to build their portfolio. Heather Blankenship’s Intentional Investor Course is designed to teach real estate investors a proven strategy to replace their W-2 income in 3 years.


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The Intentional Investor simply needs the knowledge, commitment, and consistency to achieve their long-term financial goals.


If you are comfortable with putting in the work, putting in the time, and making sacrifices, keep on reading because this course will completely redirect the financial trajectory of your life.

Course Details

  14 Pre Recorded Videos
  Course Notes with documents you need for all of your deals
3-Year Action Plan to Replace Income
  Learn How to Find Deals
■  Deal Analysis
  Support from Offer to Closing
  How to Placing Tenants
  Scaling Your Portfolio
  The Intentional Investor Mindset

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Intentional Investor Outcome

At the end of this course, you will have everything you need to replace your income in 3 years by following Heather’s 3-Year Action Plan.  This Action Plan will break down what you need to each year, each quarter, each month, each week, and each day to achieve the level of success you are seeking.

The detailed Action Plan coupled with your knowledge from the Pre Recorded Modules and the Group Coaching will propel you on a path to unimaginable success in Real Estate.

All it takes is Intentional action each day to make it happen. Let’s set you free.



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  • 14+ Modules
  • Printable and Downloadable Documents
  • Complete access to Course Notes
  • Lifetime Access to All Material