About Heather

Her life changed when she decided she wanted to buy an RV park. At this time, she was a mom raising 3 kids. It was here when Heather’s explosive success began...

Heather Blankenship is a real estate investor and entrepreneur. She primarily focuses on RV Parks, Mobile Home Parks and section 8 Multifamily properties. With nearly 11 years of experience as an investor and niche broker covering RV Parks and Mobile Home Parks, Heather has supported nearly $300M of transactions in the industry. Since leaving her Managing Director role at a highly regarded brokerage, Heather has begun charting her own path as an educator in the RV Park Industry by way of HB Education, her company that supports new and established RV Park investors with the information and resources they need to succeed. Heather has expanded her investing footprint through Blank Capital, a fund designed to provide passive investors meaningful exposure to the enormous upside in the RV Park space.

Outside of her ambitious efforts as an investor and entrepreneur, Heather serves as a board member of ARVC (the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds) and is President of the Tennessee Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds. Beyond her industry work, Heather holds free weekly events for her women’s group, The Intentional Woman, to support women on their path to financial freedom.

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